I'm So Important

I have a huge ego. Since I'm so smart and interesting, and have so many profound things to say, I must share my wisdom with the world. So what better way than to start a blog?

People will be dying to hear my opinions about things. Soon they'll be telling me how much they love what I have to say. And as a result, I'll feel like such a big, important person. I may be empty and broken inside, but blogging will make me feel like I matter, and that I am smarter and more superior than everyone else.

Title: serrated edge

In no time at all, I'll become internet famous, and all of the online losers who have nothing better to do than read blogs will follow me like sheep. I'll turn myself into a brand because that's what everyone does these days, right? I'll capitalize on the stupidity of others purely for my own financial gain.

Yeah, being internet famous will be great. It'll be a dream come true. I'll finally be wealthy and adored by millions. And my sad, disappointing life will become a thing of the past. It all just starts with a blog. And a bunch of idiots who are willing to read it.

No one cares what you think