Straight to Video

Video killed the radio star... and is now serving life without parole

Exit Through the Gift Shop

An entertaining and masterful piece of filmmaking by none other than Banksy

Mark Rothko

A fascinating documentary about the multiform master himself

Tim's Vermeer

A movie you should definitely watch, despite the fact that Penn and Teller are in it

Gerhard Richter

An incredible documentary about a German guy who makes painting look way too easy

Shepherd Fairey

A documentary profiling the life and work of Andre the Giant's publicist

Jackson Pollock

An interesting look into the world of a man who dripped paint onto canvas for a living

Who The #%$! Is Jackson Pollock?

A movie which manages to expose some of the harsh realities of the fine art world

Andy Warhol

A lengthy documentary examining the works of Mr. Andrew Warhola, winner of best hair

Francis Bacon

A compelling look into the mind of Kevin's father, a man who really hated dancing